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Out of Game

Wiki Instructions : Link & Page Building
Guild Structure : An outline of how our guild is organized
History of the Everquest Universe : A chronicle of EQ-Lore outlined.

In Game

History of the Tier’dal
The Tier’dal People : A telling of the history of the Tier’dal
The ravages of time : The great war and cause of our passage to this new world
Innoruuk, our father : Of the old pantheon of the Tier’dal

The Noble Houses
House Mor’Aldaron : House of the Elder Order, or a House of houses
House Al’azure : A militant house, lead to power by the War Prince Disianus Al’azure
House Abbelyn : A noble house of immense history and subtlety, lead to power by the Matron, Elashan Abbelyn
House Orchaleum : Once lead by her ladyship, Vinavia Orchaleum, this house is closely tied to House Abbelyn through familial bonds
House Oshiro : A House That has crossed over in search of a new future, as well as their dark past.
House Na’Voi : A minor house, famed for it’s powerful sorcerer brothers, Vable and Vasheel Na’Voi

Archives of the Family
Of Mice and Elves : A story of the humble beginnings of Vasai

Main Page

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