Yuudai Oshiro

Head of the Oshiro House and One of the two Survivors of the Massacre of Naust


The House Of Oshiro, Once a great house, was long ruled by the Oshiro bloodline. Nagataka Oshiro (father of Yuudai Oshiro), the previous ruling lord of the Oshiro house, ruled during a time of peace. In the night the house was attacked. Yuudai and his twin sister Yuuka, away from home at the time, Returned to find the house deserted. The only indicators of their death were the blood stains. His entire family had disappeared and were never found. Because of how the family was destroyed, that day it was named the “Massacre of Naust”(Massacre of None).

Yuudai, being the next of kin, was left his broken house to do what he would with it. He vowed to discover his families murderers and restore his house to full strength. With The help of his Sister, he may do just that.

Yuudai Oshiro

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