• Disianus Al'azure

    Disianus Al'azure

    War Prince of House Mor'Aldaron,
  • Elashan Abbelyn

    Elashan Abbelyn

    Matron Mother of House Abbelyn
  • Mephatis The Massacre

    Mephatis The Massacre

    A dark elf ranger assassin trained in the arts of hunting and killing. Master of poisons his prey never gets away.
  • Vasheel Na'Voi

    Vasheel Na'Voi

    One half of the Na'Voi twins. Brother of Vable Na'Voi. Each a powerful wielder of arcane energies.
  • Vya'nie Orchaleum

    Vya'nie Orchaleum

    Youngest of the Nie Orchaleum and Abbelyn family.
  • Yuudai Oshiro

    Yuudai Oshiro

    Head of the Oshiro House and One of the two Survivors of the Massacre of Naust